We’re building a new majority

We’re ready for big, structural change to

Defeat Trump

Fight Greedy Corporations

Put People First

At the New Florida Majority, we work all year long because we know it takes all of us to build a Florida where we can all live, love and thrive. Together, we’ve won better treatment for women and girls in prison and voting rights for formerly incarcerated people. Together, we mobilized millions of people to vote for change in 2018, and we will do it again until we win.

Join the #Majority4Warren

On November 25th, 2019, over 100 Member Delegates of the New Florida Majority enthusiastically endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President through a democratic process of ranked choice voting on the second day of our Statewide People’s Assembly in West Palm Beach, FL where we came together to plan our path to victory in 2020, and choose which candidate to back in the primaries on our way to beating Trump in the general in 2020. Elizabeth Warren was elected after winning both rounds of rank choice voting, followed very closely by Bernie Sanders. The organization’s endorsement comes with digital ads, community events, canvassing, and more. To get involved click here.


When so many Floridians are living paycheck to paycheck, with some of us barely making it even with two or three jobs, struggling to put food on the table, to keep a roof over our families’ heads, and to pay for health insurance, we must elect new leaders who prioritize economic justice, instead of superficial indicators of economic growth to get re-elected while really only helping the super-rich.


We support Elizabeth Warren because she has a plan to:

  • Tax the ultra-rich properly
  • Raise wages
  • Protect pensions and social security
  • Protect workers’ right to unionize and extend labor rights to all
  • Support minority-owned small businesses and their growth


We believe in a criminal justice system that treats people with dignity, that prioritizes rehabilitation, that provides second chances, and that ends the prison business. There should be no place in America for profiting off of putting more people behind bars or in detention. We want to build a Florida where there are more schools than prisons, more teachers than law enforcement officers, and more opportunities than predatory fines and fees.


We support Elizabeth Warren’s Criminal Justice Reform plan to:

  • Ban private, for-profit prisons and detention facilities
  • End the legacy of the War on Drugs which has criminalized addiction, ripped apart families and failed to curb drug use harming mostly low-income families and communities of color.
  • Stop contractors from charging ridiculous service fees for essential services like phone calls, bank transfers, and healthcare.
  • End cash bail. Around 60% of the nearly 750,000 people in jail have not been convicted of a crime — and too often, those jails are overcrowded and inhumane.
  • Address police abuse and increase oversight
  • End racially discriminatory policing like stop-and-frisk and “broken windows”
  • Demilitarize local law enforcement


We believe that healthcare is a basic human right where everyone receives the care they need when they need it, without going broke for trying to pay a hospital bill or for filling out a prescription. Florida’s families need and deserve leaders who will fight to make healthcare affordable for all and to protect those who are the most vulnerable.

We support Elizabeth Warren because she has a plan to reduce health care costs for all families, transition to Medicare for All and lower the costs of prescription drugs.


We believe in the freedom to migrate and for every person to be treated like a human being wherever they go. We also understand that many people are forced to migrate to save their lives and their families, and we must open our doors and our arms to those simply seeking safety. Florida has shown the country how we all benefit when immigrants are welcomed and given an opportunity to contribute in every way they can, and to live free from fear.


We support Elizabeth Warren because she has a plan to:

  • Keep immigrant families together
  • Provide a fair and achievable pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented families
  • Reject any policy that discriminates against people based on race, religion, economic status or nationality, like the Muslim Ban or the Public Charge rule
  • Reinstate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and DACA
  • Reduce the family reunification backlog
  • Separate law enforcement from immigration enforcement to strengthen our communities


As Floridians, we know that climate change and resilience have color. Black and brown communities and low-income families in Florida are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, rising sea levels and disaster response focused on properties instead of people. Every year, we focus our work in making sure that our communities are included in the conversation about disaster response and climate change, we open Community Emergency Operation Centers to protect and support our communities during hurricane season, and we are committed to educating everyone on how to protect our planet. 


We support Elizabeth Warren because she has a plan to make the Green New Deal a reality, to invest in clean and affordable energy, to achieve zero emissions by 2030. Warren has a plan to transform our economy and save our planet for future generations.


We believe in the importance of education to build a thriving Florida where access to knowledge isn’t based on your bank account; it’s based on your abilities, desire and drive to learn and to contribute to your community. Getting an education shouldn’t lead to a lifetime of crippling debt. 


We fully support Elizabeth Warren because she has a plan to address the student loan crisis and cancel debt for families that are struggling. She will provide truly universal free college, fix some of the structural problems preventing our higher education system from fairly serving lower-income students and students of color and create a (minimum) $50 Billion fund for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs). 


These actions will substantially increase the wealth of Black and Latinx families reducing both the Black-White and the Latinx-White wealth gaps and will provide an enormous middle-class stimulus that will boost economic growth, increase home purchases, and fuel a new wave of small business formation.


The history of slavery in our country has harmed African Americans in a way that the repercussions are still affecting millions of people through institutionalized racism and historic poverty and neglect of Black communities. We believe our nation is long overdue to start a deep conversation about how to heal and repair centuries of trauma and economic disadvantage inflicted on black communities. 

We support Elizabeth Warren because she stands in favor of doing what’s right by starting a long-overdue conversation to acknowledge the continuing effects of the slavery of Africans in America and she supports having the federal government provide financial and fiscal reparations to black Americans.